Meet Aaron

I was born and raised in the Colorado mountains of Summit County. I attended school at University of Northern Colorado which got me settled up north. Lucky for me, my gorgeous wife Lenaya showed up to our wedding on June 21st of 2018. Along with our son Connor, we reside in West Greeley. 

To say I am passionate about mortgage loans is an understatement. To understand this passion the story of my journey must be told. It was 2009 during the time when folks had been given mortgage loans just for having a pulse and no documentation. I was trying to buy when heavy regulation was needed and the industry was recovering. I had a 581 credit score, I was 30 days late on every credit card payment (I thought when they were calling me to collect was when I had to make my on-time payment... wrong!) and I was just blind to how the whole process worked. My Fairway loan originator at the time was very patient with me. He would wait until 1pm to call me (I was working a restaurant job and worked mainly nights) and coach me on what needed to be done. When we found a home that I could afford we had a strict time frame and after the appraisal we had 48 hours to complete: Painting the home, construct a hand rail on the back deck, dig out the crawl space and fix the negative grade around the entire home. If we didnt complete all those tasks the seller would go into foreclosure and I would lose my earnest money. Our loan officer hired a crew to help and showed up himself to complete the work. We closed on time and I was a first time home buyer! The whole process left me feeling like he had my back and I had nothing to worry about. As I have grown in to this role its easy to see what he actually did for me in that home purchase. 

My goal is to give every single client the white glove treatment I was given. That includes giving our clients options, education, support, guidance and (above all) PERFECT communication. No matter your work schedule I am available to field questions and concerns regarding your home purchase. My personal cell phone number is 970-215-4854 let me take care of you like you deserve to treated. 

Prefer a call back? Contact below and I will reach out shortly!